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"A few months back we were in need of a new race car motor, and we asked a few racers and they all said go to dennis at DVC machine and we did so. Dennis built us a amazing motor in a short amount of time. We informed dennis that we would need the motor alot sooner than expected and he worked his butt off to get it ready for us when we needed it! We have had ZERO problems running this motor at very high RPMS! DVC is HIGHLY recommended! Thank you Dennis and everyone at DVC!"

andrew olsen

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Used Engines - What Are You Really Getting?

Used Engines from a wrecked car.

It may seem like an easy way to save money on your engine purchase, but can you afford to take a chance on a used engine?

You never really know what you are getting. Make sure the product you are spending your hard-earned money on is of the quality you deserve.

With a remanufactured engine, you are getting a quality product that is built to specifications as good or better than what the factory put into your vehicle when it was new.

When considering a remanufactured engine vs a used engine, make sure you an answer the following questions to determine the quality of the engine you are getting.

Is there hidden damage to my engine like microscopic cracks that may show up after my warranty has expired? If your engine was in a wrecked car, this is a big possibility. However, with our remanufactured block and new components, you can rest assured that your engine is in great condition!

Can you be 100% sure of the mileage on this engine? On a remanufactured engine, you can be assured that the engine has had no in-vehicle miles put on it!

Do you know how the engine has been treated and in what condition it is in? With a remanufactured engine, you know the utmost care has been given to build this engine to new-engine specifications. All the internal parts are new, and this engine can be trusted to last you a long time.

Where did this engine come from? Our remanufactured engines are built using the finest new or core blocks and are built with brand new components!